Our Business Services

We can also provide all grades of base course and wearing course to meet any budgetary requirements.

No matter what the project requirements may be, our quality of materials and service is guaranteed. We ensure the long-term quality and structural integrity of the road surface by carrying out a site survey prior to commencement of the project. This ensures that the correct grade of materials are applied to meet the needs of the underlying terrain.

Our road surfacing services cover the following categories:

  • Major Road Networks
  • Minor Roads & Lanes (e.g. housing estates)
  • Car Parks
Tac Coat Spraying

In order to deliver the highest quality finish and long-term resilience to the final road layer we offer tac coat spraying as standard. Used in the application of the final layer, this process bonds the final layer to the substrate to create a surface that will last for years to come.

Hot-Tar & Chipping Spraying

BMB Road Surfacing provides hot-tar & chipping, which is a lower cost alternative to tarmacadam, for areas of low traffic such as minor roads and private avenues. This is also a more decorative alternative to tarmac and is therefore ideal for country estates or private lanes.

Site Development

We provide site development services for small to medium specialised projects, such as housing developments, playing pitches and riding arenas, etc. This includes initial site clearance, preparation, drainage, curb & concrete laying and site landscaping.

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